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Roasted Tomatoes

I try to come up with a new recipe at least once a week, but in 2 weeks I will move to Geneva for three months to work in the “LabNic” the laboratory for Neurology and Imaging of Cognition at the University of Geneva. So I’ve been quite occupied searching for a place to live (uughh I thought Barcelona was expensive…) and finishing up projects here. Finally I have booked the flights and found a place to live: a house in France, in a small village at the foot of the Jura mountains. Lately I find the idea of living at the countryside quite attractive, surrounded by nature, silence, a garden. I’ve always lived in big cities (Berlin, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile) and can’t really imagine what it is like not to be able to cross the street to buy something that you forgot. Now I will know. The closest bus stop is 2km away, but I’m taking my bike (my favorite proof reader corrected me here: one of Sebastiáns bikes -and really, I’m lucky he’s so generous to let me use his carbon bike all the time while he, who actually does a lot more cycling, uses a heavier aluminium bike). I hope I’ll be lucky with the weather and can do the 17 km to Geneva cycling most days.

whole tomato
Apart from planning Geneva, I’ve been away for the weekend, which is when I normally find some time to work at the blog. It wasn’t for work, but to participate in a yoga, nutrition, cooking & food photography workshop in Lisbon with my kitchen-heroes Luise & David from Green Kitchen Stories. Before I stumbled over their blog, I used to flip through recipes only to find inspiration and then come up with a completely different creation. When I saw their recipes, I suddenly started measuring and following instructions, because I wanted the outcome to be exactly what the recipe promised.

They just seem to have similar taste buds, apart from knowledge about nutrition, endless ideas for creative recipes that taste and look absolutely awesome and a photography that makes me sigh. Imagine you have the chance to meet your favorite rock star. I felt kind of similar before meeting them –and wasn’t disappointed: they do rock the kitchen, plus they are very sweet. 60 participants was a lot, and I would have preferred less in order to be able to go more into detail, but it was still an inspiring experience and I met many nice people from all over Europe.

Roasted Tomatoes and Pasta
Tomato collage
But now to today’s recipe: oven roasted tomatoes. When roasting the tomatoes at a rather low temperature for a long time (not even so long), the tomato shrinks and the flavor gets really concentrated. Differently from sundried tomatoes, the texture isn’t as chewy, but a little softer and the flavor a little fresher. You can adjust the roasting time to your liking. It’s something very simple to make, but tastes just amazing, a little flavor explosion in the mouth. They are great with salads, as a topping for risotto, in a wrap, on a sandwich, with pasta, well, almost everything. Below you find a suggestion for a pasta recipe with these oven-roasted tomatoes.


• 10 tomatoes (organic if possible)
• 2 sprigs of rosemary
• 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil
• 1 tablespoon of coarse sea salt

Preheat the oven to 150ºC/300ºF. Slice the tomatoes and place them on a baking tray. Sprinkle the rosemary leaves, olive oil and salt over the tomatoes. Roast for 90-120 minutes.

Whole wheat pasta with pesto and roasted tomatoes

Inspired by this recipe.
Serves 4.


• 500g of whole wheat spaghetti
• 1/4 cup pesto
• zest of 1 organic lemon
• 10 kalamata olives (or other black olives)
• 2 tablespoons of feta cheese
• half of the roasted tomatoes from the recipe above
• freshly ground black pepper and sea salt to taste
• 2 sprigs of fresh basil and a small handful arugula for garnishing (optional)

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Stone the olives and chop them coarsely. Zest the lemon (always when using the zest it’s important that the lemon is organic, as most of the pesticides are in the skin). Toss the pasta with all the ingredients.

Vegan option: make/buy your pesto without parmesan cheese (maybe try adding a pinch of nutritional yeast instead), and omit the feta cheese, it will still taste absolutely great.

pasta with fork


  1. Eric
    Posted 17 Apr ’14 at 12:06 am | #

    These are beautiful and look like fun to make. Thank you for sharing something healthy and happy!

  2. Posted 17 Apr ’14 at 5:20 am | #

    Thanks Eric!! They are, I’ve already repeated :-), I hope you’ll enjoy making and eating them.

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