Hello, I’m Lenka! You’ll usually see me with my bicycle (which I’ve come to consider part of my body), often loaded with fruits, veggies and other groceries waiting to be prepared… I love to buy food, to touch it, to smell it, to look at it… and obviously taste it! As a researcher in neuroscience I wonder how odors, flavors, sounds, touch and images are integrated and represented in our brain. Neuroscience tells us something about how we can imagine, think, feel, make and perceive music or create a recipe which is why I decided to add a pinch of neuroscience to my blog. After (or before) conducting experiments, analyzing data or writing an article in front of my computer all day, I like to get some fresh air and movement, and take advantage of Barcelona‚Äôs beautiful landscape to run, cycle or dance swing at the park on weekends. I started this blog to remember some of the things I cook and bake in order to be able to do them again. I hadn’t realized how much work a blog would be, but neither how much fun and how much I would learn (about photography, web programming, networking, food in general, etc.).

Regarding my food, I eat most things, but love fruit and vegetables most and eat meat only very rarely, which is why the blog is about vegetarian recipes. You’ll also find many vegan and glutenfree recipes, still, in my opinion eating isn’t about restriction, but about variety and above all about pleasure. Bon appetite!

PD If you want to know how the blog came to its name, read my first post.